GeoSynergy is a geospatial research and development company.  We;

  • build client delivery and collaboration platform (Truffala)
  • analyse, exploit and extract information from big data
  • leverage location based information to create business intelligence
  • develop software apps that automate, optimise and augment spatial problem solving.

We work with those who a) need a common operating picture to coordinate and organise people, effort and data. b)want to leverage software to solve business problems. This includes;

  • engineering businesses wanting to stay ahead of the competition
  • property related industries such as real estate and farming
  • organisations that design, build and operate infrastructure
  • companies that capture big data with satellites and drones
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case studies

Truffala in agriculture

See how the Truffala framework powered this Truffle Orchard management system.

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Truffala in resources

KEGS field development software is the realisation of the digital gas field

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Big data analytics

Satellite and drone data is widely available. Get much more from your investment.

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Feature extraction

Using aerial photography and LIDaR we can extract clean, consistent, standardised, high value spatial information across your paddock, property or entire project area.


Image processing algorithms

Our machine learning algorithms can classify digital photography and identify patterns.(Read the Case Study).



Why take weeks to get answers when you can take minutes? Gain insight and identify trends. Predict the future and run multiple ‘what if’ scenarios. We can do all this simply by using algorithms to do many the laborious and repetitive tasks which are still done by people with spreadsheets today.


  • Automatic placement of fittings
  • Predicting carbon offsets
  • Analysing sentiment
  • Safety ‘early warning’ system
  • Risk and threat assessment

what our clients are saying

We capture a lot of high value UAV data for our clients. The Truffala platform enables us to deliver it in a way that adds a whole new value proposition for our clients
Patrick Weeden, Scout Aerial
GeoSynergy used their Truffala platform to quickly develop our Turnaround app. It rolls up our daily operating activities onto a simple mobile interface which we give to our clients. We now have a roadmap of various app-based innovations which provide a secure client interface to every day operational information. We believe this is a market differentiator for our business and has further revolutionised our “Back Pocket Information” reporting culture. This method of engagement has created further opportunities to dialog with our clients and continually improve the services we provide.
Adrian Gornall, UGL

we love open source software and industry standards