GeoSynergy is a brisbane based geospatial software company.  We work in:

  • digital gasfields:  see www.kegs.software . Recently licensed to Arrow Energy on a 3 year term. Piloting further companies in 2019.
  • smart coordination of imagery collection: by defining needs first, we coordinate  and optimise the collection of aerial imagery and intelligence generation as part of www.crimpsystems.com .
  •  using geospatial to identify time and locations sensitive opportunities to synergise power supply (eg using solar to both power irrigation and de-water wells). We’re calling this circular economy opportunity ‘round spots
  • For valuers, property managers, fund managers and investors, we develop www.agrigate.com.au to enable rapid desktop assessment of rural properties: their values, risks and opportunities
  • BlueOps is a toolset to identify risks and assess opportunities in catchment scale groundwate
GeoSynergy Cloud Image