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GeoSynergy is a GIS consultancy focused on delivering the right information to the right people, at the right time. We believe that systems, process and methodology are an essential foundation for exceptional service delivery. We work collaboratively with our clients because we understand that communication is at the core of effective problem solving.

  • Data

    Improve your project outcomes with smarter GIS data.

    At GeoSynergy, our software and people combine to capture and QA large amounts of high value spatial data. We like to think of it as the next generation of spatial data. Our range of data options are detailed, value-added, regularly updated and can be easily assimilated with your own information.


  • Software

    The right information, to the right people, at the right time.

    Our on-line GIS engine, KEGS, is purpose built for non-GIS team members. With customised tools for analysis and reporting; KEGS will enable your team to make better decisions without complete dependence on the GIS section; who can keep their focus on managing the information supply chain.


  • Maps

    We specialise in map production — the heart of any major GIS project.

    GeoSynergy automates the process of turning your data into maps for distribution amongst all project stakeholders. We provide a competitive edge by removing the need for GIS workers to physically make changes to your maps through our data-driven map creation systems.


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View some of our videos

We've created a few short videos outlining some of the benefits of taking the GeoSynergy approach to get your job done as efficiently as possible. Regardless of your application, we are able to streamline the way you use your resources to produce a better outcome. Take a moment to view the videos, then contact us to see how we can help you work smarter.

  • Video 1

  • Video 2

  • Video 3

GIS solutions for your industry

GeoSynergy has a wealth of experience providing GIS solutions to both the private and public sector. Whether you are planning, producing or protecting, GeoSynergy has the answers to help you get the job done.

  • GIS for Resources

    From exploration to export; GIS is now a requirement in resource and mining projects. Our expertise in this sector engages the various professional disciplines, stakeholders and regulators to reduce your bottom line and deliver your schedule.

    Contact us to find out more.

  • GIS for Government

    Government and GIS have a strong partnership, from town planning through to community liaison. GeoSynergy can help ensure Government is taking advantage of the latest innovations.

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  • GIS for Environment

    Regulations for climate, ecology and social impact are becoming more and more important. GeoSynergy is at the forefront of helping measure, maintain and make better decisions about how we care for our precious natural resources.

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