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Truffala is THE project mapping framework

Providing the competitive edge in one of Australia’s largest natural gas projects,
Truffala is the most comprehensive mapping software suite for delivering major infrastructure projects.

The Truffala Platform

We built Truffala because we needed a fast, secure and inexpensive way to share and perform mapping, analysis and project management with our clients.

Truffala bundles together user administration, project management (mostly redmine), mapping libraries (mostly ol3+cesium), spatial databases (mostly postgis), analytics and mobile together into a platform that makes it easier and simpler to coordinate and communicate with your staff, contractors, clients.

The GeoSynergy Truffala platform is the key set of underlying technologies that enable us to rapidly develop generic and bespoke solutions for our clients.

The Truffala platform turns data into intelligence.

Do you want?

  • Your own powerful web mapping and work coordination application
  • Somewhere to store and maintain your assets
  • A tool to record variations and manage change

  • An integrated mobile app for field workers
  • To create actions by dropping pins on a map
  • A transparent way to manage and roster staff and stakeholders
  • To pay a little and get a lot


  • Relational database schema (multiple database support)
  • Multi user editing
  • Repositories for your data libraries and business rules
  • Task tracking and workflow
  • Time tracking
  • Gantt chart
  • Document and file management
  • Feeds and email notifications
  • Role based user accessibility
  • Online training and tech support
  • Mapping system – ideal for when location matters
  • GeoTrackers – use the map to create tasks
  • Mobile – access via android and iOS
  • Rules engine – data validation and notifications

Truffala apps work everywhere

GeoSynergy tools are ready where you need them. By building our software using open source technologies and web-friendly practices, we are able to build custom applications that are truly device agnostic. Need to record data in the field? You can use your mobile or tablet to work while roaming and then synchronise to the cloud when you regain network access.

Indicative plan pricing


Up to 5 users, 1GB data, mapping mobile and task managment


$100 monthly

$1,200 yearly

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Up to 20 users, 5GB data, mapping mobile and task managment


$500 monthly

$5,000 yearly

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Up to 100 users, 1TB data, mapping, mobile and task management


$1000 monthly

$10,000 yearly

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Unlimited users and data, mapping, mobile and task management


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